About Us

People’s Voice is committed to supporting people to improve their lives and bring about positive social change from the ground up. We launched our Collective Reporting movement as a methodology so as to enable people to use digital tools to put forward problems and requirements of the people to the concerned representatives of the people and the authorities.

we support people through digital services and the Internet to gather support and forwarding request to the higher authorities as per peoples wants and needs.

Using our analysis model, we work with people to identify the insights in their everyday problems and package them in a range of ways so as to create an effective model of approach for solving peoples problems and much more.

Mobilising People :
Using a range of strategies, we work with groups and organisations to connect and to create positive change in their lives.

Collective Reporting can be used to support peoples wants/demands, influence policy making and much more.

Join us and benefit from our collective approach to problems by participating in the process designed by us for the benefit of the people