People’s Voice was created with an aim to work on Collective approach towards Reportings in respect to the Problems faced by the Local People of different areas and their Solutions

We are working on creating this movement mainly across karnataka.

You can join our Organization By Becoming:

Local Reporter:  These are people who contribute to our network by sharing information in respect to the problems and requirements in their respective. They contribute to the network by sharing their expertise with trainee Community Reporters.
Social Supporters:  These are individuals, groups and organisations who Report activities to our People’s Voice organisation. They contribute to our network by supporting us and providing connections to people, places and organisations for our network to stay active.
Partners:  These are individuals, groups and organisations who share knowledge, develop new practices and methodologies. They contribute by providing links and connections to people, places , organisations and by supporting us to develop our Reporting practices in a multitude of ways.